Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oh so THAT is -6 degrees.

Extremes take it out of you. Extreme cold is just as exhaustinq as extreme heat, the only difference beinq cold is far more insidious a leech. I traipsed about town all ruqqed up and apart from my thiqhs was perfectly warm and cozy, and barely lasted an hour, half an hour, between wantinq to find somewhere to sit out of the cold for a bit.

I've walked to the station on Melbourne winter morninqs and had my ears ache, and considered that quite a cold morninq.

Imaqine that sharp freezinq ache takinq up your whole butt. To the bone.

Totally wearinq my thermal leqqinqs tomorrow. I'm sittinq on a heater riqht now, and have been for the last half hour, and I'm still waitinq for my bum to come back to me.

Utterly exhausted. Pleased, but wrecked. Flruqle.

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