Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Perils of Hosteling


There are three beds in my room. The other two are taken by a couple of German guys.

I have to admit, even though I try to be chilled and non-judgmental about exactly that sort of situation, I raised my eyebrow. Most hostels are all for keeping the sexes separated, which I imagine just saves everyone a whole lot of potential hassle.

Eh, I told myself, eh. Do not be uncomfortable unless they give you a reason to be uncomfortable (although I did grumble about the idea of having to leave the room every time I wanted to get changed, pfffft).

They reeled back after five in the morning, giggle-drunk and trying and failing to be quiet with such ridiculous earnestness I had to hide under the doona so they couldn't see me laughing at them. These boys, they be okay. Getting home so late was a bonus, I got some alright sleeping done.

When I woke up, I had to punch down a laugh again. Drunks do not know how to drive doonas. The guy opposite me was face down on the mattress, with one corner of the doona bunched up around his face and the rest thrown on the floor. He was only in his undies. I was tempted to take a photo. The other guy had managed to keep the doona on the bed, but he had wadded it up and was spooning it. Also only in his undies.

In this situation, I am the menace.


  1. There are situations in which you are not a menace?

    PS Go to my blog and name the presents you want, please. It would make me very happy. I promise not to post anything before you actually return.

  2. I kinda paused with an eyebrow up the first time I was put in a unisex room, in Scotland, but there were so many people there in the first place, and I needed cheap, that I just shrugged and went to sleep. As it turned out, the boys weren't no never mind, but the French woman in the bunk below me who persisted in public masturbation was another story!

  3. Gillian, I WANT A PONY.

    Jaime, yeah, if there were more people in this room I would have balked even less, but seriously, it was me, and two guys.

    I imagine I'll get something similar in Berlin...

  4. I shall cut you a pony out of paper. I don't know if it will actually look like a pony, but I will do it. And it will be your pony and you will have to treasure it FOREVER. I won't send it til you return, though. It won't be a pack horse, after all.