Monday, June 08, 2009

Victory ( ) Hollow

It takes a chair, five (5) telephone books, my thick-soled boots, ninja balance, tip-toes and fingertips in order for me to reach the light in the bathroom to change the globe.

Only to discover that I'd bought a screw-in bulb by mistake.

All of you over 5'3", if I ever hear you griping about your height, please know that it will incur my wrath, and the wrath of a short person is not to be incurred.


  1. They make these extension grips that sell for US$20 in the States that assist in removing high bulbs. I recommend them highly.

    What other kind of bulb is there but a screw-in?

  2. This flat is old enough that all the light fittings are for bayonet bulbs, not screw-in. If I only had to deal with screwing a bulb in, then the ordeal of changing one wouldn't nearly be as vexing.

    As it is, most of the lights here are so old that I can't actually get any blown globes out.

  3. Repeat after me: 5 foot 3 is not short. Though I admit to borrowing tall friends on occasion for things like lightbulbs.

  4. Anonymous8/6/09 16:55

    It's really not how tall you are, it's how long your arms are. You just need to concentrate on growing your arms.


  5. That reminds me, you're totally invited to come to the Netherlands one of these years, so you can sit on my couch next to all my other short friends, and I can take photos of your dangling feet, all neatly lined up. ^_^

    Seriously. You can go to any hotel or hostel anywhere in the world and rely on it that you'll fit in the bed. You have _nothing_ to complain about!

    (Bring on the wrath!) :D

  6. You are dancing with danger, Aanimal. The Wrath of the Tess is to be feared.

  7. Gillian, it is short enough to be might inconvenient when it comes to light globes. MY PRIDE IS AT STAKE.

    I'm trying, Jeff. I suspect I'm as good at growing long arms as I am at growing a beard.

    Aanimal, you are probably the tallest person I know, so you are exempt from bemoaning your height issues. And I will agree, planes are the one place where being short just ROCKS.