Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Wall Fucks With Birds

This is one of the exhibitions currently on display in the subway at Flinders Street Station, care of Platform Artists Inc, created by Ace Wagstaff (which is a fantastic name).

The exhibitions explore the idea of 'apocalypse', what it does mean, has meant, and has come to mean.

However, I looked at those birds and thought of the hole in Blue Base. /end geek

My comrade also discovered this piece of anonymous typewriter poetry, which I quite love. Things like this make me hatch mad ideas to make sticky things or ribbon things or hanging things with one sentence mindfucks to leave on the trains and around town. To litter pieces of artistic wank like a leper dropping fingers. To set them all free and never know what becomes of my creative spores, and never know what is thought of them.

Note to self: While on the subject, Sir Testicle, don't forget you want to go see the Dali Exhibition on at NGV. Okay? Okay.

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