Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The last year broke my inner thermostat. That heat wave in February granted me all sorts of resistance to heat. Before, a thirty degree day would have been utter hell, now, well, that's not that hot, no big deal, barely notice it really.

Last winter really, really, really wrecked my cold immunity. I spent the whole winter without using the heater because of a electricity bill snafu, and it was miserable enough to leave me with a good amount of dread. Now the cold has returned, and I am a) still too scarred by the bill to turn the heater on and b) have a very good idea of how cold it gets in this flat and am just about gibbering in horror at the months ahead.

I hate the cold now. It gives rise to some half-remembered panic that I'd really like to not remember at all.

I shall buy woollen things (actually had four conversations today with people who were desperate to go buy gloves and scarves), new socks that don't have holes in them, another blanket for the bed, even use the heater now and then, but I feel I should warn you appropriately.

From here until spring, the content of this blog will mostly revolve around bitching about the cold.

Remove from your feeds as necessary.

I'm going to put my scarf of +10 cold resistance on now.


  1. You're crazy. I wouldn't go the winter without heat HERE and it rarely gets more than fleece-pullover-cold. There's just something really unpleasant about trying to take a shower when it's below 60F inside.

  2. Anonymous29/4/09 21:17

    Buy a large kangaroo. Live in its belly.

  3. I had electricity bill induced lack-of-heaterness last year too.

    I got through it by buying whiskey instead.

    This year, I've decided to see if rum punch will do it.

  4. Gotta say, Jaime, getting out of the shower is really, really, really hard. I'm not good for water conservation in winter.

    Jeff, that is a a seriously gross idea.

    Mabs, methinks alcohol is quite possibly more expensive than that electricity bill.

  5. Anonymous1/5/09 15:35

    Hey, in a Empire Strikes Back way, not a pouch way! Er, okay, either way: gross. jv