Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When I'm in a good mood, I tend to indulge the world, and myself. So if you're a clean, neatly dressed, not unattractive young man, and you come plant yourself beside me on an uncrowded train, and jostle your paper about to get some good shoulder-rubbing, elbow-pressing action happening, I'm not going to cringe away. I'm not going to push back either. I'll sit there, with you in my space and me in yours, like we're some comfy old couple who don't need to talk anymore.

And just like some comfy old couple, when you finish reading the paper and start sighing in that 'I require attention' manner, I'm going to ignore you, because I'm reading my book.

And when you start casting sidelong glances at me, I'm not going to look at you, because I'm reading my book. I will tilt my book a bit, though, so you can read over my shoulder if you like.

Because I'm currently reading William S Burroughs' Naked Lunch and I'm hoping that my giggling will get your curiosity up and you really will read over my shoulder.

Because when I'm in a good mood, I tend to indulge the world, and myself. Which means that you are not the creepy perverted space invader; I am.


  1. The space invader reading over your shoulder is a Mugwump. He just pulls his rubber human-mask back over his face every time you look around.

  2. He can't have been, he wasn't excreting any sort of intoxicating ooze, and what's a Mugwump if it isn't excreting intoxicating ooze? Not a Mugwump, that's for sure.