Saturday, April 11, 2009

writerTess (is slighty more accomplished than beardyTess)

Week Two of beard growing.

This is very demoralising.

I'm consoling myself with the fact that I have written another 1500 words. This time we hunted about for the actual domed reading room, which involved getting lost in some Escher-inspired architecture, a mad library labyrinth that was quite unsettling. We did not encounter any cannibals. Possibly because the cannibals were as lost as we were.

When we not only found it, but found egress, we were confronted with ancient wooden tables with leather raised reading ledgers and wooden chairs that were more comfortable than the squishy wheelie chairs in the other reading room. I had myself a fine time writing epic panoramas. With explosions. (Note to self, find more words for 'boom'.) Only had to give my fellow explorer a couple of dirty looks for faffing about (he did take this excellent photo of the dome).

Yesterday was another engagement with the comedy festival. And I will never let Deb buy tickets ever again. Even if we did use kids as body shields. Which I have no ethical or moral issues with.

To those of you coming through from VanderMord's blog, I'm sorry, but he has completely misdirected you. There is nothing but bullshit here. Pure, high quality, complete and utter bullshit. With a side order of bullshit. Followed by horseshit on ice cream.

And some crapping on to boot.

Alright that's a slight exaggeration. Sometimes I post photos of my dog, too.

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