Monday, December 01, 2008


Come closer, I have something to tell you.


If you're on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and you look towards the west, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are giving you a smile that spans so many degrees, you'll never receive a bigger smile in all your life.

We also need to talk know, Hot Fuzz. You've watched it 10 times in 10 days. C'mon now. I know it's funny, very funny, tailor made to your particular sense of humour, but seriously now. A balanced diet contains variety. The way you're going, you'll end up with a vocabulary that consists solely of quotes from Star Wars, Red vs Blue, Roald Dahl and now Hot Fuzz. Stop it.



Well, your dinner date cancelled. You have the evening free. What you thinkin'?

Right. Stupid question, really. At least go and make tomorrow's lunch before pressing play.

Also, you look like a right twat with a shark in your ear.


  1. I saw the Giant Smile over Bangkok this morning.

  2. Pretty good Suspicious Face, though. (And at least you have Hot Fuzz. Some of us are so far into the back woods that we haven't even gotten to see it once yet.)

  3. I missed the Giant Emoticon. I saw the eyes, but clouds obscured the smile, and eventually obscured the eyes too. :(

    Also, the finger puppet is right. 10 times in 10 days is too much for any movie. Even one with Simon Pegg in it.

  4. I know it doesn't compare to Hot Fuzz, but if you feel like leaving the house: there's apparently a two-week Howard Hawks film festival at Melbourne Cinémathèque.

  5. I couldn't stop staring at the smile on my walk home. Nearly fell over numerous times, heh.

    David, I am gobsmacked that you don't have Hot Fuzz. What terrible tyrant do you live under, who deprives you of such oarsumilitude? I'll be skipping Hawks - the cinemathique has a funky ticketing system that just doesn't work for me and my total lack of routine.

    Chris, you heathen, you dare agree with the shark? Raaar. Well, I guess I'm in the minority.

    I started watching Shaun of the Dead over and over instead. XD

  6. And Jaime is that Jaimesis or another Jaime hailing from Bangkok?