Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's good to be me!

Remember that talk we had about a balanced diet?

Fairy bread for dinner is not a balanced diet.


  1. clearly my hermit lifestyle is lacking a finger puppet.

    and sprinkles.

  2. i'm going to buy you a finger puppet. and sprinkles. 'cause clearly you're doing it wrong.

  3. Anonymous4/12/08 10:10

    I think you're working on your inner fairy, since otherwise the shark will suborne all the fairyness with evil whispers.

  4. Anonymous4/12/08 21:51

    I want to say something intelligent, but what I'm really thinking is that I'd love to eat some fairy bread, right now. Or alien bread, made with moon rock candy...

  5. It's got starch and butter and sugar. What's unbalanced about that?

  6. Anonymous6/12/08 01:36

    What is this fairy bread? I feel like I'm missing something deliciously unhealthy.

  7. Alien bread sounds alarming...well, rock candy does, anyway. Sounds too...well...rocky, for bread.

    Dave, that's what I say!

    I'm sure you have some variation of it, Selena. It's just bread and butter with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top. Standard children's party food. Awesome stuff.