Thursday, August 07, 2008

What's in a name?

Optus is still fucking with my email. Not everything is getting to me, not everything is getting out from me. Trying to work around that.

I was attempting to set up sirtessa as a gmail account, but due to having that username and blogger being bought by google, I ended up with wonky accounts, and in an effort to set everything up in the one google account, deleted sirtessa as a gmail address.

After which I read the bit about the username never being available again.


I've bitten the bullet and just gone with my name. If you know it, you know it, if you don't, it isn't hard to find. I avoid using my surname because a) I'm the only person with my name in the world, b) I'm not sure if, on the path to being a Rockstar Superhero Mad Ninja God Author, it's a surname I'll be retaining, and c) it makes this blog pop up on porn searches in google. For Serious.

I've set up all three addresses to reply from the gmail one, so if you're too lazy to update your address books, don't sweat it.

(Actually, I'm not sure if the aunix one is set up properly either...I've sent, but has anyone received?)

In the process of sorting out that gmail account, I discovered I'd already registered it, and had mail in it from 2004. Ummm, sorry about that, you know who you are.


This post triggered a chewy discussion on "the mechanics of forgiveness", to steal the phrase from Kirsten Bishop.

I particularly like the last comment left by Deborah Biancotti;

'I forgive you', for me, does not translate into 'what you did was OK' or even 'we are OK' -- it is 'I am OK'.

And maybe it's 'you are freed from my previous need for you to address the hurt you caused me'. To be complicated about it.

Which I think is the purest ideal of forgiveness, and something worth cultivating in yourself.

That said, I will not, at the present, be using that definition of forgiveness on myself. If applied to me it reveals that I've never forgiven anyone in my life. BECAUSE I'M A MEAN BITTER SHRIVELED UP LITTLE HAGFISH. AND I EAT DESSICATED BABIES FOR BREAKFAST.

If anyone else has any thoughts to add, I'd love to hear them. I think I've said all I have to say, but given forgiveness is an intensely personal process, I'm sure there are approach vectors we've missed.

Actually, fuck forgiveness. If anyone has any tales of RAW AND STEAMING VENGEANCE, goddamn, share them.


  1. Anonymous7/8/08 14:23

    I don't want to know more about forgiveness right now (maybe another time, when I'm a nice person). What I want to know is what dessicated babies taste like. I'm missing out on important food history here and this makes me choke and eat no chocolate. This is NOT a good thing.

    I thought I was doing well - my surname will find you unPC jokes. Your name outclasses mine in googledom.

  2. fwiw
    You can find the end of my 4 year saga of waging occult warfare against the militant wing of the VCA, Scientology, walt disney, Web 2.0., my ex-housemate, the directors of the company i work for a burntout artist called rob hely, and associated yippies over here. If you get lost go through the yellowdoor.


    Also, meow.

  4. Gillian, they're a bit like fish food flakes, or actual fish flakes. They tend to get lost in whatever they're sprinkled on.

    I think your name is still far classier - it has a long history of being unPC. My name just proves people can't spell.