Friday, August 15, 2008

Cheese. Pie.

Kirsten made me giggle, comparing this place to a candy shop, because of course I immediately thought of that godawful arrogant piece of shit song by that rap guy whose name I don't know, going on about candy shops and letting you lick the lollypop, which isn't even a metaphour. He's not even trying there. And seriously, it is not a privilege to give someone a head job.

Anyway, this isn't that sort of candy shop. You don't have to lick anything you don't want to.

Especially considering today's topic is worms. A new species discovered in the Caribbean, and here I'll quote Ugly Overload as I can't say it any better;
Nemerteans are primitive even for worms. They are hunters, and kill by shooting their proboscis into their prey like a stun gun. And, AND, they produce more slime than the infamous hagfish. Morgan has witnessed firsthand a nemertean worm being placed in a petrie dish, the worm then filling the dish with slime, and thereby sealing itself in. How's that for ugly?

I mean, you can lick that if you really want to...actually I wouldn't blame you if you're mistaken at first, because these worms are so pretty! They're bright little raver worms, high on snot.

I'm pretty sure I've exclamation pointed about sun fish before, so I'll just stick to sharing this photo;

Yeah. That sun fish fills a whole freaking carpark. It was hoisted into the Australian Museum through a window. Photo found here long with general info on the sun fish, and if you like dead squid dead whales dead fishy things, the flickr stream the photo came from is worth checking out too.

You could lick that, if you like, but there've been reports that sun fish float up on the surface so that seabirds can land on them and pick parasites off them. More than 40 species of parasites. I better stop reading up on them now, or I'll be regurgitating useless information all night. I love them, they're so bizarre and dumb and adorable. They eat jelly fish, you know, by sucking them in and spitting them out so they get all ripped and easy to swallow.

Speaking of eating, I attempted to eat a piece of cheese pie for dinner. The deli advertised it as home made, and it looked good. For future reference, don't eat cheese pie. You will not win.



  1. Lollypop? Somehow I missed that song. But I can't imagine what was going through that guy's, er, head. "Gee, I'll compare my manhood to an unnaturally coloured lump on a tiny thin stick, and the mamas will want it so bad they'll be lining up round the block outside my pimp pad." Yeah... Now, if he'd compared it to a Nemertean worm, what an opportunity for play with metaphor that would have been. Primal. Aggressive. All that slime.

    The way things are going with the plagues of jellyfish, we're going to need a lot more sunfish. I had no idea they were that big.

  2. Anonymous16/8/08 08:44

    You're oh-so-lucky. I have a workmate who likes that kind of music, finds it hilarious and hogs the CD player.

  3. Hee! Kirsten, you've missed your calling as a rap star. Write that song!

    They're real dinosaurs - for a body that big, they have a brain of 4g. The jelly fish is a product of rising temperatures. I'm not sure how finicky sun fish are with water temperatures, but given they sunbake and chill out in the depths, they may do well from climate change.

    Mr Miller, I'm familiar with that song because of my workmates. I share your pain.

  4. Anonymous16/8/08 20:00

    Wow. I love all the links you post. I never find anything even half as amazing/interesting on my own.

    And cheese pie sounds like it would have too much cheese. Unless there's something else in cheese pie which they just don't include in the name. Don't get me wrong, cheese is excellent, but I can only eat so much at a time.

  5. I sort of did write a few lines, then thought, "No way am I spamming Tessa's blog with this hentai crap." XD

    Sunfish need warm water, so they might do well.

  6. Selena, I think there was some egg in it, just to give it a bit of body, but overall it was ugh. Nice idea, but tasted like stale oil. Ick.

    Kirsten, I hereby extend to you an open invitation to spam me with hentai crap. Glory, hallelujah!