Saturday, August 09, 2008


I've called time out on my errand/chore slaying to bring you an amusing food item found in the local supermarket.

It's a "piggy back" filled with lotus paste.

And it falls into an enormous uncanny valley. It isn't an impression of a pig, it's molded to look like a pig, a freaking dead pig laid out on the table and ready for roast, complete with buttocks. The eyes are closed because it's DEAD. It's laying down because it's DEAD. It's kinda creepy. I ate the face first.

There's nothing in the plastic base other than a couple of moisture-eating packets. It's peculiar and confronting and I'm not thinking it'll move from the shelves fast. Although you can't go wrong with lotus paste.

Hang on, the Year of the Pig was last year. How old is this thing?


  1. It looks rather like the fetal pig I dissected in Biology in 9th grade.

    Except my specimen had testicles.

  2. This does not have testicles. Just buttocks.

    I'd have been more comfortable chowing on a living awake pig than a dead one.

  3. Anonymous10/8/08 15:09

    The ghost of that pig shall haunt you.... :)

  4. I hope wasn't actually that tasty. Think it was as old as I suspected.