Monday, March 10, 2008

Operation: GTFO

I have to go. I need to go. When I get up in the morning, I just move from the bed to the floor. Turn the stereo on. Stare at the ceiling for hours, till it’s time to go. No desire to do anything, and this doesn’t bother me. So, I think I have to go. I have a nightshift coming up, oh glory days of hell and horror. I have days off after nightshift coming up after that, and I have to go. I’m thinking of stealing a car and heading down the Great Ocean Road for a few days. Drive with all the windows down and the volume up. I want hot chips on a rocky beach, covered in enough salt to kill me. Maybe with gravy. Definitely with chocolate milk. I’ll take up cigarettes for the weekend, just to watch the ocean wind steal the smoke away. Lug my camera around and pretend I know what I’m doing, that I’m taking cliché photos on purpose. Walk on the sand till my ankles hurt. Throw rocks off cliffs. Watch the waves till the sun goes down and there’s nothing left to see. Eat more hot chips. Give chips to seagulls. Be in some other space, because I know all these spaces around me now and I have to go.

Thus commences Operation GET THE FUCK OUT (GTFO).

Phase 1: convince parental units to let me take a car for several days, ‘cause I can’t afford to hire one.


  1. Anonymous10/3/08 06:15

    An excellent plan. Do all those things, and let the seabreeze blow around in your head awhile.

  2. Anonymous10/3/08 06:30

    GOGOGO! GTFO! :)