Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GTFO. No, Really.

Operation GTFO, Phase #1 -
Current Status: "ask me again later."

(I'm not hopeful.)

Sleight of Mind

There's a huge albino killer whale out in the ocean, fucking HUGE, look at him in comparison to his pod. Biggest, baddest ghost of the sea. Link also contains pictures of various other marine-related albino animals. Leopard slug included.


  1. Anonymous13/3/08 00:19

    Things wot is white!! Yippeee!!


  2. Anonymous13/3/08 08:53

    or operation GTFO did you want some one to say here's a bus ticket and $20 have fun and i'll be the guy with big headphones looking out the window?

  3. Anonymous13/3/08 22:17


    Wish I had more time to be on teh interweb more regularly, but hey, such is life.

    A few things you might be interested in given some recent posts of yours:

    ♥ Dragon fruit is best eaten chilled, and you can tell they're ripe when the tips of the skins turn brown and papery and, when squeezed, the fruit has the consistency of a ripe tomato.
    ♥ If you like Monty Python, you'll be amused to see that The Black Knight is in Hansard: http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/dailys/dr110308.pdf, page 32, halfway down the right column in the paragraph beginning "Mr Speaker, can I direct..."
    ♥ My aunt (who works for the government in Canberra) tells me that Kevin Rudd's staffers have to provide him with a report every day at 6am, and provide a broader report to Cabinet every day at 8am. Apparently many of them are on the verge of quitting for lack of sleep.
    ♥ Perhaps the fish phased through the bath plug and squeezed itself through the drain via some heretofore unknown peristalsis?

    Good luck in your continuing efforts to get Operation GTFO on the road.