Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Yet, my inbox remains lacking in emails from people who work for the CIA.

It was the chocolate, wasn't it? Wait a minute, let me see what else I can tempt you with...okay, for some reason there isn't any awesome food to be found in this fridge. Maybe you're not a food person. Let me find something else- aha!

They're blue whales, the biggest animal to ever live. Bigger even than dinosaurs. Bigger even than my ego. They're for you, mystery CIA worker. Hope they make your day bigger and bluer, and maybe make you write to me.


  1. Anonymous1/2/08 03:41

    You know what I find amusing? That Mr. CIA Worker uses Explorer 6.0. Clearly the government hasn't quite graduated to the latest version of IE yet.

    In other news, perhaps they've been visiting the lj feed instead of your actual blog?


  2. That's standard though, organisations buy computer packages, and leave it at that. You know IE comes bundled with everything.

    I can't install anything at work (vexing, to say the least), so I'm stuck with IE there too.

  3. i sometimes get folks from the NSA visiting my blog.

    the fist time i mentioned it on the blog, however, they disappeared. hilarious!

  4. Heh, I think sometimes the watchers are quite alarmed to realise they are also being watched.