Thursday, January 03, 2008

Me, Great White Hunter

Cockroaches are fast little devils, and when you don't have any insect spray, there's nothing else to do but hunt them across the bathroom tiles with a wad of toilet paper and ninja-fast reflexes. The trick is the manouver them into a corner, from which they cannot escape mushing.

The other trick is, not to let them get on the carpert, and then mush them, because roach guts are kinda...sticky.


  1. Anonymous3/1/08 03:00

    I did that very thing, last night. I do have insect spray, but by the time I'd have found it, the roach would have made its escape. Anyway, doing it by hand satisfies that atavistic urge to hunt and kill.

  2. Anonymous3/1/08 08:17

    Whats worse are those big spiders, you know they can cause death and when you do squish them they make a horrible mess over your lounge room curtains. Ick.