Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sir Tessa: Hey World.
World: You! Off! Fuck! Intervention order says you can't come near me, especially not after that hedgehog incident!
Sir Tessa: Yeeeah. That was pretty funny.
World: Yeah! Only, NOT. What do you want anyway?
Sir Tessa: Despite the fact that I've been messy in the head recently, I feel I should acknowledge that you haven't been mean to me.
World: That would be because I have an intervention order telling you to sod off.
Sir Tessa: Sorry about that.
World: Ha.
Sir Tessa: You really are a nice place to live.
World: ...
Sir Tessa: That's all. I'll be going now.


  1. Anonymous23/3/06 02:45

    Yay! Mess with the world's head!

  2. Actually, I'm not trying to mess with anyone here. I really mean it.

  3. Anonymous26/3/06 00:34

    Can be a nice place, can't it?

    Until it lures you into happiness and then kicks you in the shins when you're not expecting it.

    But until then it's nice. *nods*