Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today contained no triggers. Nothing. But I feel sad anyway.

Sadness is not depression. Depression is uglier. Sadness is softer.

But if I don't know what causes a mood, then I don't know what to do about it. I've sat and stewed for some hours now, and managed to figure out that I feel as though I've lost something. I couldn't tell you what.

Sadness is -

A wee little blue goblin with long droopy ears, soft little paws, and dry eyes that will never smile. She says not word.

- just sitting on my shoulder, patting my hair with her soft little paw. When I asked her why she was here, she just nodded, and pat pat pat.


  1. Anonymous11/3/06 11:03

    Hey :)


  2. "Take this sorrow to they heart, and make it a part of thee, and it shall nourish thee till thou art strong again".

    ~Henry Wadsworth.

  3. Sadness without depression can be nice sometimes. I think they used to call it "melancholy". I indulge in melancholy from time to time.

    And, hey, while I'm sorry you're feeling sad, I love your imagery. :-)