Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yesterday, I saw a naked man.

Naked men don't feature largely in my life, so there was a certain amount of snorting and giggling involved, being that I was on a train, and he was walking down the sidewalk of a street alongside the train tracks. He seemed quite happy, in that he was striding wide and swinging his arms with much gusto.

And then, because I've been in my job too long, I thought-


-which is offence code 139somethingsomething, and proceeded to write the narrative:

BATAD RP obs u/k off walking easterly along street beside trainline b/w 4gb and 4mm. off obs to be totally naked. off n/k to rp. Nil other wit, nil susp. Nil further. Enq pending.

I probably should have actually reported it. There's a lot of elderly folk along that road. Wouldn't like to think any of them had a weak heart.


  1. Anonymous8/3/06 02:45

    But think what giggles you'd be depriving the old folks of!

  2. I was going to say the same thing (btw, Hi Deb!)

    Tessa, on a completely unrelated note, Stu tells me you syndicate your blogger posts through LJ. Can you explain how to do that to me?

  3. It's quite odd when you get those little ruptures in the fabric of the social contract. I guess it makes you realise how arbitrary it is. When I was working at the Brotherhood of St Laurence in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, my office window overlooked the Atherton Gardens housing estate. I once saw a young woman with no clothes on running around in the car park, obviously in some distress, and I guessed suffering some kind of mental health issue. A nurse from the health service downstairs went over to calm her down, but she would not be placated and in the end the cops came and took her away in a divvy van. I saw some freaky shit out that window, but that was probably one of the more memorable things.

  4. Sorry about that. I was feeling a bit warm and the wind felt so nice against my skin...

  5. Rajan, when did you curl your hair and dye it blonde? ALL of it?

    Andrew, yeah, it is a bit of wake up call. Thankfully, this guy was naked by choice, and very happy about it. Bouncy, even.

    It's amazing what you can see out of trains.