Saturday, March 13, 2010

This post is here to freak you out.

The Surinam Toad, video courtesy of Ugly Overload.

The beastie is already bizarre to look at. Practically flat, like a leaf, which means they don't get to croak like other toads. But then when reproducing the eggs get embedded in the female's back, and then sort of sink in or the skin swells over them to protect them, so the eggs are in nice pockets and her back is basically turned into honeycomb and then the little froglettes just...burst...out.

I have the very strong urge to take to my back with steel wool after watching that, yet I can't stop hitting replay.

Blood Falls at Taylors Glacier, Antarctica thanks to Jesse Bullington.

It's a pocket of primordial ooze that has been slowly shuffled along by the glacier for who knows how long, to finally end its journey in the sea.

The glacier is bleeding.

The glacier is bleeding.