Saturday, March 13, 2010

"No one is the master of Disk Eyes!", or, VIGILANTELOPE BOOYAH!

Last year the Dashing Deb and I saw Vigilantelope at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They performed The Tale of the Golden Lease which remains not only the funniest, but the best written show I've ever seen. For weeks afterward we'd have conversations that were nothing but quotes from the show, and still fall into that pit occasionally. We loved it so much, we dragged everyone we knew to see it again when they performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

And we loff them. Oh we do.

Alert! The 2010 Comedy Festival is coming up and THEY HAVE A NEW SHOW.


If you're not planning on going to anything at the Comedy Festival, if you've never even heard of the Comedy Festival, GO TO THIS SHOW. If you are planning on going to the Comedy Festival and are doing that crazy thing like we're doing and breaking our credit cards and diaries with all the stuff we're going to, GO TO THIS SHOW. If you don't actually live in Melbourne, GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GET HERE AND GO. TO. THIS. SHOW.

I'm going on the 26th of March, aaaaaand to be honest, after watching that highlight reel, I think I'm going to go at least a couple more times on top of that. Hollar if you're going!


  1. count me in to any future bookings - you know my calendar better than i do :)

  2. Heh, you needn't mention it, dragging will happen whether you want it or not.