Sunday, February 28, 2010

No, they'll never catch me now.

The above comic is courtesy of Oglaf and DO NOT FOR THE LIFE OF YOU CLICK THAT LINK IF YOU ARE AT WORK OR IN A PUBLIC PLACE I MEAN IT. It's an adult comic, 'adult' in this case meaning 'full of quite sizzling steamy smut' and 'comic' in this case meaning 'fucking hilarious'. It just happens that my favourite two comics are entirely smut free.

I really mean it. Don't click that link in public.

I didn't make a New Year's Resolution because I was out of the country and thus out of my life and thus not in a position to see what needed resolving. So I made a February-Onward Resolution. Which I have now achieved. This year? Sorted. Next!

First week at the new job completed and oh I'm so in love. This thing! This not having my hands hurt thing! I could get used to it, I really could. My novel is growing so! And you should see what I have waiting for me on Monday morning. I can't tell you, of course, it's confidential. Which makes it sound much more exciting than it is.

Amanda Palmer played at the Forum on Friday night, and I went red, red, red and broke in a new red dress and new red boots and had myself a fantastic time. It was a brilliant show. Amanda Palmer never just does a gig, she does a show, selecting her opening acts and bringing in all sorts of guest performers and trying new things and taking risks and making hilarious mistakes right there on the stage. She played some new material, one song of which I'm going to call "Exhibit E" which broke my damn heart it was so beautiful. Cannae wait for her next album.

The sun is not yet set. To bed with me! There's DVDs to be appreciated!


  1. Glad that the new job is easier on your hands. I have had two staff in the past with RSI (injured before they started under my inglorious leadership) and it was distressing to see what difficulty they could be in and how long it took to recover. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to go two weeks without hitting a keyboard!

  2. Oglaf is great. Filthy and great.

    Hmm, my word verification is "plier". Meaning one who plies, or one half of a pair of pliers? We shall never know.

  3. First someone gets me hooked on VG Cats, and now you have to go and show me this... I've done so well in avoiding web comic addictions until now!

    But seriously, thanks. I've been laughing my way through these on and off all day!

  4. Ross, it's not fun.

    Chris, always a man of good taste.

    It is my pleasure, Selena, to have converted you. :D