Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blow, blow damn you!

  • Halo: Evolutions has been spied out in the wild of Australia. By me. I stared at it a bit, checked that yes, the behemoth Story of Doom was still in there and it wasn't some fabrication of my ever treacherous subconscious, and tried to work up some sense of...accomplishment? Satisfaction? True is, it doesn't feel real. The publishing end of this whole writer gig may never feel real. Jeff is probably some spectral figment I conjured up just to flesh out the delusion.
  • Speaking of Mr VanderMeer, his novel Finch has made the Nebula Awards Final Ballot. Not bad for a figment.
  • Speaking of VanderMeers in general, Amazingly Awesome Audacious Ann has been promoted to Editor In Chief at Weird Tales. Far too brilliant to be a figment, I have to say.
  • Speaking of brilliance and weird and stories, the exceedingly eloquent Madame Bishop has a story currently online at Subterranean; The Heart of a Mouse. She's a writer who teases her readers, putting out a story here, a story there, and making us wait so. And it is always worth the wait.
  • Speaking of putting out stories, I am not. I realised that once the other leviathan is released in April, I will have nothing 'forthcoming'. I feel I should bash something short into shape to release into the wild, but, I am not so flexible. I cannot work on more than one thing at a time, and my novel, poor old potato.
  • Speaking of potatoes, I was snapshotted. Because this blog is not soap box enough.
  • Speaking of enough-


  1. ArthurMiller@OUSalesperson24/2/10 11:37

    Baggage, and your story in it, comes out in September at Worldcon though, doesn't it?

    (One of my workmates is reading "evolutions" and I saw your name on the back so I can confirm it's real :))

  2. Oooh I want to see Evolutions!

  3. Baggage should be released in April, I think, but there'll be some official thingy on to promote it at Worldcon.

    Heh, thank you for the confirmation. I got a copy of the audiobook too in the mail. I didn't even know there was an audiobook!

    It's out there somewhere, Ross! You just have to venture into the franchise and licensed worlds shelves.

  4. I write for awritergoesonajourney so hopefully we can score a copy from the publishers to review. Overlord Nyssa is looking into it. :)