Thursday, February 18, 2010

By The Numbers

There was what I've come to think of as a communication station a couple of doors up from the hotel we were staying at in Buenos Aires. Internet kiosks and phones set up for long distance and international calls, we got pretty good at spotting them. They're useful creatures, and reliable. It was the only way I could the Manu as trying to call a BA number from an international phone is some complex eldritch art I had not the resources to master.

This particular station also functioned as a lottery outlet, and one morning as I was idling by the door waiting for my cronies to finish talking to home I looked over this poster, which gave each number an association.

Some of which seemed random, some made sense, and one of them made me squawk. Do you see it?


  1. Why is 71 associated with, er, poo?!

    Google has not helped me answer this. Though I haven't searched too hard. One must be careful of searching such terms with "safe Search" off.

  2. You're game! I'm not doing that search even with safe search on.