Sunday, September 28, 2008

a. Throw the damn parsley porridge at the ButlerBot, throw the pillow at the ButlerBot, throw yourself at the ButlerBot, etc.

The bowl of fine bone china made from real Chinese bones smashes on the ButlerBot’s monoform head, and fails to even scratch the polished finish. Parsley porridge oozes down the ButlerBot’s chassis like so much ectoplasmic mucus, the smell of overstewed herb thick and repugnant in the air.

You leap after the bowl, flailing through the manchester trappings, and the ButlerBot bats you aside with ease, wrapping and pinning you in a sheet with a smooth fluidity that suggests you are not the first person to react in such fashion.

The ButlerBot produces another fine bone china bowl made from real Chinese bones.

The ButlerBot vomits parsley porridge into the bowl.

“Please eat, before it gets cold. The time is at hand.”

a. Cry.

b. Scream bloody murder.


  1. Anonymous28/9/08 23:21

    Uh-oh... Floral patterns and "the time is at hand"? We're doomed. Much fun as it might be to scream here, I don't think it'd do any good, while crying might reveal an exploitable weakness if the English butler emulation module is good enough. So go for a). (Unless there's enough vocal power at hand to shatter things? Then I'd change my vote to b))

  2. Anonymous29/9/08 00:02

    The only choice is crying or screaming? b), then.

  3. Anonymous29/9/08 00:26

    I'm done with flailing and screaming and can do naught but break down and cry (a). Sniff.