Saturday, September 06, 2008


  1. Selena - because she's gone and moved herself to some sort of horrible alternate dimension where there are no books. What's up with that?
  2. Arthur Miller - as the goldfish ties in neatly with Evolution, in a far-reaching sort of way. Best of luck to the goldfish.
  3. Gillian - she's threatening to send me an old toothbrush, and of all the things I'd like to receive in the mail, old toothbrushes aren't in my top 10. Or top 100. Or top anything. Ew.
  4. And finally, Charles Tan, who, in a moment of acute insight, cottoned on to the fact that yes, I am the sort of person to get excited about posting mail to the Philippines. Whee!
YOU HAVE WINNAR! Please send me a postal address (email link on the right there), and I'll your copy of Weird Tales in the mail. Apologies to Chris, Matt and ~. I've learned my lesson; next time I'll just do first come, first serve.


  1. Anonymous6/9/08 02:39

    Yay!!! Thank you :). And the Vandermeers.

    Matt can share in my copy - it's only fair. Also, it means he has to stop avoiding me. (I didn't even threaten him with old toothbrushes, he just knew to avoid me.) Unless it's a different Matt to the one I think it is, in which case I'd have to find out if we know each other, first.

  2. He's the tall, dark and handsome Matt who writes disturbing stories. You know, that one.

    Actually, I know a couple of Matts that fit that description.

  3. Anonymous6/9/08 03:05

    If he is all that and lives in Canberra, then we're talking about the same Matt. Which means you reach 5 of us with 4 prizes, which is good management on your part :). The only bad part of this is it means I don't get to rub my hands evilly and say "Mine! All mine!!" I have to say "Mine! Mostly mine!!

  4. Thanks!

    Apologies to Chris and Matt for stealing their slot...

  5. Anonymous6/9/08 04:56

    I... I'm shattered... all my hopes and dreams were pinned on winning this book...

    On the other hand, I just now ate warm buttered scones, so it's all good, really. :)

  6. Anonymous7/9/08 19:58

    Yay! Thank you!!

    And not only will it be a BOOK, of which there seem to be few here, it will be MAIL of which I have currently received none. I expect I'll get a phone bill soon, but that's not exciting.

    Ooh, and I just realised that it will also be a PACKAGE which will most likely not fit in my littl emailbox and I'll have to pick it up at the office!!! How exciting!

    And you thought you were just sending me a book...

  7. Anonymous8/9/08 01:32

    Many thanks.

    The goldfish is working on a sequal. He does it just to spite me.

    Whatever you do don't walk inwards. For all you know you might only be in the eighth circle of hell.