Friday, September 26, 2008

a. Do I look like I eat peasant food, you obsolete calculator?

“I’m afraid that is the extent of the morning menu. Miss Henry has very stringent ideas concerning early morning digestion. As is oft quoted, ‘that will go straight to your arse.’ I have no comment on parsley.”

The events of the previous night rise to the surface of your mind like so many cooked potatos. There was some tequila at a bar after work, which saw you entangled with someone’s after party that somehow lead to a circus, then there was some gin, and some gin got in your gin, followed by a sports bar, some scotch got in your gin, a souvlaki at an all night kiosk, and…Miss Henry. Followed by a lime milkshake and the Rites of Heegurkurkur.

Oh boy.

a. Swim to the edge of the bed, find your clothes, and GTFO!

b. Sit there grinning like a top square school kid who just won the spelling bee.

c. I’d really like a crocodile steak.


  1. Anonymous26/9/08 21:46

    My stomach is empty after the Heegurkurkur, so c).

  2. Anonymous26/9/08 22:53

    Ooh, an end to dialogue. It's action time! Go for a)!

  3. Anonymous27/9/08 01:49

    The Rites of Heegurkurkur? Oh boy.

    I'm with aanimal, its time to GTFO!

    (Unless of course we can get extra sneaky and combine it with (c) to get the robot out of the room first. But maybe I'm just paranoid about robots after watching too much Battlestar)