Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I failed to achieve critical mass, and so there will be no 7wishes this nightshift. Which means it’s mouse painting time! The evening was spent in the company of the Aanimal who has been tromping about Peru, and has greatly agitated the travel bug in me. Tonight’s painting is a direct result of that; I give you an artist’s impression of Machu Picchu, doodled from memory from hundreds of photos (see, there’s even the Sun Gate and Wayna Picchu, how good am I?).

And some giant flying sharks. Because when people talk about the collapse of civilisation, they’re talking about giant flying sharks. When people talk about sun worship, they’re talking about giant flying sharks. When people talk about anything at all, they’re talking about Giant. Flying. Sharks.

If you disapprove of this elegant piece of art, you have no choice but to tell me what I should be painting. Art critic rage in the comments, go!


  1. Anonymous16/7/08 21:31

    *thinks he should start carrying around a sign "warning, spending company in the time of this person may be hazardous to the health of your bank account; do not operate while longing for different weather; keep out of reach of recovered travel-addicts"*

    (Also: there's just absolutely no way I could ever disapprove of such an elegant piece of art. *is seriously impressed*) :)

  2. Anonymous16/7/08 21:34

    *rereads the word order in that sentence and groans* I'm obviously not yet awake...

  3. Anonymous17/7/08 03:39

    More giant flying things! In fact, what I would love to see is a series of famous places, with giant flying things. If one of them has giant flying things chomping down on a major landmark, well, I would not complain.