Saturday, July 19, 2008



...apparently giant flying deformed upside down albino greyhounds are something of an achilles' heel for me.

I'm hitting the nightshift wall pretty hard, as is indicated by the fact that the sky is overcast just so I wouldn't have to futz about with a shadow, and that the location is over the open sea.

For the record, they are not floating dog turds. The sea in question is the Sargasso Sea and those are clumps of sargassum, a seaweed that grows in great clumps. See Hodgson's stories for further information (it's far more terrifying and wonderful a concept in fiction).


  1. Well that's pretty impressive mouse art considering I recognized it as a Greyhound before I even scrolled down to read the text!

  2. Aw, you're far too kind. (But they do look like floating turds.)

  3. Anonymous20/7/08 15:34

    I'm having visions of the explorer happens upon the tomb of Tessa the Great, only to encounter these pictures as frescoes along the wall.

    "What could all this possibly mean?" wonders the explorer.

    Shortly afterwards, entire religious movements spring up.

    "She has given us a sign! She has given us...Sucky Bus!"

    "The Bus is the sign. Let us all follow Her example! Let us all travel in flying carnivorous buses with an ill temper, for this is Her will, that all who follow Her shall do likewise."

    "No! Let us instead gather Buses together!"

    "No, we must cast off the Bus and follow the Giant Flying Deformed Upside Down Greyhound!"

    Meanwhile, back in the tomb, chuckling can be heard from the sarcophagus...

    "Blessed are the cheese makers?"

  4. Anonymous20/7/08 15:36

    Of course, the followers of the Giant Flying Deformed Upside Down Greyhound were soon struck down for forgetting the fact that the greyhound was also an Albino. Oops.

  5. Oh hey, a tomb AND sarcophagus?

    ...I gotta die faster. Sounds better than my current living arrangements.

    (Hover Penguin and his Fish Bombs would eradicate any tomb long before archeologists poke it.)