Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm never painting a city again. They're on the ban list with assmonkeys and mosh pits. Seriously. Fuck Paris.

Giant Evil Hover Penguin and a Fish Bomb will do that for me.


  1. Anonymous20/7/08 22:44

    I can just see the Today Show report now.

    Karl: "Residents of Paris were confused this morning when a 4.5 tonne mackerel landed on the Eiffel Tower. Probably some pinko plot."

    Lisa: "Even more confusing was the fact that the mackerel emerged from a giant flying penguin. We cross to Richard Wilkins on the scene for more."

    Richard W: "Thanks Lisa. That brothel in the background and my disheveled appearance are mere coincidence."

    Lisa: "Thanks Richard. Apparently Kevin Rudd has an opinion. Kevin?"

    Kevin: "What the working families of Australia really want to know is this: does the mackerel come in peace?"

    Karl: "Well, it certainly comes in pieces after falling several thousand feet."

    Richard Reid: "Oh my god Karl, you're so funny!"

    Karl: "Thanks Richard. Now keep your hands to yourself."

    Steve: "I can be funny too!"

    Karl: "Shut up weather-boy. Someone get me an expresso."

    Georgie: "You know it's 'espresso', right Karl?"

    Karl: "Shut up news-girl."

    Lisa: "And now, Brendan Nelson."

    Brendan: "Thanks Lisa. A pleasure to be here. We want to know if the penguin is going to be coming to Australia. The Liberal Party has deemed he penguin to be a threat to national security and we will urge the government to respond with lethal for--"

    Malcolm: "Actually Brendan, we've decided to give the penguin the keys to the city."

    Brendan: "..."

    Malcolm: "No, really."

    Brendan: "I give up."

    Karl: "Does that mean there's an opening?"

  2. Anonymous21/7/08 06:46

    I'm enjoying the Giant Flying Things. I think people will remember this phase of the artist's career with some fondness. Perhaps the next phase could be guerilla street performance art. Just an idea.

    Meantime, how about giant flying underpants?

  3. Oh my goodness, Mike, you're far too witty for early morning!

    I'm not sure how one would convey performance art in paint...