Friday, July 18, 2008


Continuing FAMOUS PLACES and GIANT FLYING THINGS, a badly rendered dugong idling above the Great Pyramids (also badly rendered). I know the flippers are too far back and too fat, but correcting that made it look like I was drawing baby seal pups, and aw hell no.

It's a very silly place to put a flying dugong. There's nothing for them to eat there. Be better over a savannah or meadows.


  1. Anonymous18/7/08 19:20

    I thought the dugong was there because it was on holiday. It has a holiday look about it.

  2. "Dugong" sounds like something a 12 yr old would say to his seven year old sister who did something utterly dumb.

  3. Anonymous19/7/08 12:36

    It worries me that your MS Paint skills are better than mine with a pencil and paper. : \

    When do we see the Giant Flying Elder God? Or was the shark it? : D

  4. Well, Eldar Gods are generally already giant and flying, so there'd be no new joy taking one out of context....