Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 is less than 7

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  1. Anonymous16/4/08 14:26

    You're kind (don't you hate it when I say that) and I'm kinder. I'm letting you know I'll be in Melbourne next week, so you can run and hide and dig a safe hole to cower in til I', gone again.

  2. Oh foolish mortal, I am not kind and will hunt you down. But only at certain times. Would you be free before 2pm Monday, Tuesday or after 6.30 on Wednesday?

    (I put a question mark over Tuesday, as there are things afoot.)

  3. Anonymous17/4/08 14:01

    Before 2 pm Monday and after 6.30 pm Wednesday are both within the realms of possibility, as long as you don't mind coming to Carnegie (I'll even meet you at the train or tram) and sampling kosher food. Unless you want to meet up early enough on Monday to go bookhunting in town together so I can avoid earthly temptations.

    I'm not on some strange diet. It's just that I keep annoyingly kosher during Passover.

    Come to Carnegie. In fact, come to dinner in Carnegie on Wednesday. If Mum lets me take over her kitchen, I might even cook. (I might have to check with her, but it's no use checking with her if the not-so-far eastern suburbs are full of angst for you and forbidden. I also can't guarantee that my family won't pretend they are normal rather than strange unknowns.)

  4. Found you through Wizz. Thanks for sharing that amazing link. Huzzah for that.

  5. Hey, Gillian, what with recent events, I'll have to pull out. Spending all my free time at the hospital. Hope your vist and passover be terribly fabulous.

    Emperor of ice cream - nice riff on a book title there. Welcome.

  6. Anonymous19/4/08 13:56

    I'll catch up with you when life is less fraught. Mothers are too important not to take care of.