Monday, April 28, 2008

Did you like the speshul 7wishes? I did. I want some genius engineer to steal the idea and make it real. It was a shenanigan. I don’t think anything came from the shenanigan, it being one of those things that comes about when a couple of people say ‘oh, that’d be cool!’ while the rest of the world doesn’t actually give a crap. I don’t mind, still chuffed about that lovely illustration I scored.

I’m very tired. I’m probably understating that. I think skipped tired and went straight to exhausted a long time ago, and have possibly even gone as far as fatigued. Nightshift is looming over me. Can’t find solace in music. Couldn’t purge through decibels. Haven’t found validation in strangers. Failed to achieve critical mass – there will be no 7wishes this nightshift. There are no daydreams in my head. I’m sorry. I have nothing left to give.


  1. Anonymous28/4/08 13:34

    it was a great special 7 wishes, i didnt get all the way through it, as my retinas detached themselves today.

    here is a piture of my friends butt, i hope it cheers you up.

    his name is jevin.

  2. Anonymous28/4/08 14:02

    I liked the speshul 7wishes. Very cool. Now, my wish for you, dear Sir T, is that you get some blissful slumber, solace and validation. (Not that I think you need validation. You are very valid already.)

  3. ...that's quite possibly the best comment I've ever recieved.

    Clearly this blog needs more ass.

    Ta, adios.

  4. Anonymous30/4/08 01:31

    Thanks, and...
    i concurr if youre going to have a kick ass blog, which yours totally does.
    You need ass, or at least pictures of it.

    may all your scrambles be merry.