Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aiiiiyaaaah. If you're going to leave narky comments, at least have the decency to wear your name. Don't be ashamed of your narkiness, revel in it! Be grown-up about being a bitch! It's too fucking early in the morning for me not to get my nark on. Get me some fucking orange juice.


  1. yeh that's a nice one. it was probably asher.

  2. yeah, i reckon asher too :)

  3. Anonymous23/2/07 08:28

    I'd rather suspect an overly protective friend or family member of Asher. The guy himself should've had to endure more than enough more or less negative reviews to have learned to be above them and not to go and leave such pointless commentary.

  4. Aanimal, never underestimate the ability of the human animal to be a silly twit. ;)

    That said, I'm split evenly on Asher or a rabid fan. I'm just curious.

  5. All narkiness aside, it doesn't matter. You don't ever intend to become a "grown-up," so you don't have to understand really hard stuff like "story."


  6. Anonymous23/2/07 18:00

    But on the upside, I now know that if this whole music thing doesn't work out for me I can just be a writer instead! All this time I thought I didn't have the skill and attention to detail to write, but all I have to do is make a bunch of stuff happen... cool!

    Now that I think about it though, this could just make "music" a whole lot easier too... really all "music" is is a bunch of notes happening in a specific order. I've been putting way too much thought into it all this time.

  7. Gigi, you wretched woman, you'll blow my cover!

    Selena, you just made me laugh. I dare you!

  8. Anonymous24/2/07 02:22

    Dare me to what?

    Play music as just a bunch of notes or try to get a writing career by just making stuff happen?

  9. Music as a bunch of notes. It'll be a brand new music era; Flupism.

  10. Anonymous4/3/07 10:54

    Damn the story; full speed ahead!

    Also, it is late and I cannot help but read the word verification thingy ('cogzjms') as 'cogjisms'.

    This is more than enough evidence that I should be in bed by now.