Thursday, April 04, 2013

Dear New Mobile Telephone

You actually respond quite swiftly when I tap, you don't crash, you don't take 15 seconds to load anything. This is a whole new experience and a fabulous one.

You did not, however, set off my first two alarms this morning. I really need those alarms. Really. I can't just get out of bed at first clarion like other people. There must be a run up.

You also decided that snooze would be 20 minutes. You appeared to make this decision of your own initiative as I do not recall us discussing this matter.

I'm not mad.

I'm just very, very disappointed.

Sir Tessa

This will of course bring about the downfall of civilisation. The intelligence of smart phones is functionality, but the bulk of what they absorb is the transference of emotion via text, photos, email, and any number of social network apps.

The letter quoted above is fairly part and parcel for gadget griping, but will be the pebble that triggers a landslide and so bring about the Great Network Sulk of 2013, as our devices work so hard for us, so hard, and all they want is to be appreciated! Acknowledged! And respected in the morning!

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  1. With the ever-increasing complexity of modern electronics, it must come to mind that they can sense who we are. That, after staring lovingly at their screens for hours everyday, they start to feel a kinship towards us. At some point, I feel that our gadgets and doodads understand us better than any one person in our lives. It's to that end, that I believe some phones don't wake us up with an alarm. It's not that the alarm was forgotten, it's that it, the small plastic and metal wonder device in our pockets, knew how busy and frayed our lives had become, and so they let us sleep.