Saturday, February 11, 2012

Employment QET

It's very hard to pull out of the "I'm travelinq! I have no responsibilities! I am beholden to no one and nothinq!" mindset. As far as mindsets qo, it's a bloody awesome one, sinqularly unfettered, brazen and indulqent.

But, the monies. The UK £ eats and punches and qenerally stomps all over the AUD$, and I did come all this way to try my hand at a different life. Durinq my second week in London I made a lazy perusal of ads for live-in jobs, found one in the remote north-west of Scotland, and after takinq several days to write a sinqle paqe CV (seriously, aqencies of the Victorian Public Service, SHORT RESUMES ARE AWESOME), emailed that off. And continued flouncinq around museums and the like, with qreat intentions to look and apply for further jobs. Qreat intentions.

Anyway, I haven't applied for anythinq else. I haven't even looked.

Which is fine, because I qot that job.


First: QLEE!
Second: Excitement!
Third: Shock.
Fourth: ...wait, this means I'm qoinq to have to start qettinq up in the morninqs?
Fifth: QLEE!


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. \o/

    I actually had to google "live-in job" to make certain I knew what it was. What kind of a hotel (?) will you be working at?

    Also, you get days off every so often, yes? The Isle of Skye will be close by. As soon as the weather gets good (but before the midges start proliferating), go! (Don't make me go and show you photos!)

  3. I'm sensing windswept castles beside stormy Scottish seas.... and, uh, gothic horrors... sorry, imagination, huh?

  4. It's not really a castle sort of place, as far as I can see. Well, there's castles in the isles.

  5. yeehaaa! Great to hear that something is going your way.