Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't rock the boat; sink it.

If you reach the point at which your Doktor prescribes you two anti-depressants, one prescription painkiller and weekly sessions with a counselor, it's a pretty clear sign that shit ain't working. It's time to admit that while you have worked incredibly hard to set yourself and your life up the way you want it, that shit ain't working. And when shit ain't working to that degree, then there's nothing for it. No tinkering or tweaking will fix something like this.

Time to take this life and scuttle the fucker.

Today I handed to my real estate agent my Notice to Vacate Property. I am become one of a massive diaspora of not youngin's but not oldin's who are returning home to roost. Mum is actually quite excited about it. I don't think she fully grasps what I mean when I say I live a bachelor life.

This will enable me to save money much faster and thus acquire the funding necessary to enable my Cunning Plan.

A good friend I hadn't seen in a while, on discovering I wasn't writing at all and knowing what writing meant to me, asked how I was coping with that.

"I'm on drugs," I said with a laugh. "And moving to another hemisphere."

That's right, kids. The Ultimate Kamakazi Operation: GTFO.

It. Is. On.


  1. You can't leave the country before I have the chance to meet you!!

    Where will you go?

  2. I approve, if only because it is considerably easier (and cheaper) to stalk you from four thousand miles away instead of twelve thousand.

  3. Oarsum!
    I hope this'll be as good to you as my WHV down under was to me. Needless to say, if you need advice on where to find all the best mountains on this continent, ... erm, then I'm probably not the right person to ask, as I've mostly been seeking mountains on other continents (though I can recommend a couple of especially pointy ones in the Lofoten and the Isle of Skye, and from what I saw from the Alhambra the other week, the Sierra Nevada isn't all that bad either) - but for all other advice and recommendations related to the old world, I'd be very happy to help out.
    The Netherlands will also be a particularly short hop away, so if you ever crave a weekend of hanging on a couch watching DVDs or playing boardgames with some friendly faces, just holler.

  4. I have to say I approve. I wish it wasn't necessarily due to the crazy amounts of pain that you have to deal with, but the UK could always use more people that write and think like you do.

  5. This is so very cool :).

  6. Ben! Come to Melbourne! :D I'm going to WFC in San Diego at the end of October. That will be kick off.

    Jaime....and a less fucktastic time difference, too!

    Aanimal, believe me, you will be invaded at some point. (I was telling someone, the only reason I'm going to the UK is to go to Iceland/the rest of Europe.)

    Light, you do know how to make an ego beam, but I can say with certainty the UK has more than its fair share of talent. Rather looking forward to that.

    Gillian, innit? (And terrifying.)

  7. Before I REALLY close this browser I wanted to say that yesterday, when I read this, I cheered IRL. A change is good, and I will keep fingers crossed!


    You know I approve of this. And as Kimpeh sez: so much easier to find and pester you when the ocean's smaller.

  9. Hrm. Miiru and Jaime's stalking and pestering plans makes me think plotty thoughts... Let's do a big N'awlins reunion moot. Except this time, in Awlins!

  10. Aanimal: funny you should say that, as that's exactly the idea the three of us have been tossing around for the last couple weeks.