Wednesday, December 08, 2010

(Hark! And awaken!) "-but not necessity, and-"

It can take minutes for my alarm clock to drill down through my dreams and the barricades of sleep. "Minutes" is plural, and not specific. "Minutes" could mean four, or forty (frequently, it means forty). When the radio (being my second alarm; I never hear the first ten minutes of obnoxious beeper alarm) finally registers as external and irritating, I do not wake. Instead, I'll ascend near the surface of waking, only close enough to have gross motor functions and slap the snooze button.

This generally goes on for an hour.

(Do not ask how early I set my alarm.)

Some people can leap out of bed right on waking. I'm not one of those people. My brain needs several run ups before it can work up the gumption to breach the surface and wake the fuck up.

This morning, I heard the radio within a minute. The music dove straight down like sugar-coated electricity, and my mind shot up, wild-eyed and quite awake, and I listened.

I thought it was bagpipes at first, but it was the war cry of the fiercely needless. Deep booming drums. Addictive stick rhythm. And then they started singing.

I was awake, so very awake, shocked to be so ambushed before the day had even started by something that

A feverish trawl of the Triple J forums with the only lyric the song had gave me treasure. The responsible party is ky├╝, a Sydney-based band, and the song itself, Pixiphony, is available for free download at Triple J Unearthed.

If it isn't rare enough to find a song that affects me so, I discovered another unexpected present; they're opening for Junip in January, a gig for which I already have a ticket.

Such fortune worries me. Bad things are going to happen in balance.

Suffice to say, I did not get back to sleep this morning.


  1. Oh wow thanks for sharing what a wonderful sound.
    Think i need the album :-)

  2. So after having listened to this... *checks* ...28 times over the last two days: what _are_ those lyrics? You ... my desire, but not necessity. And I'm alone, I'm alone, but that doesn't mean I'm lonely.

    (So yeah, like this a lot as well. It kinda vaguely reminds me of the sound tapestries of Basque, though it's much more energetic than that.)

  3. You spell out my desire but not necessity, and I'm alone I'm alone but that doesn't mean I'm lonely...

    The track is that frustrating length by which it finishes before you're finished with it, so you end up repeating it over and over and over...

  4. Anonymous28/2/11 09:16

    Thanks for the post.
    This song has been driving me nuts for weeks!

  5. You're welcome. Variations of the lyrics have become the top search string hitting my blog now, heh. Very glad to help spread this band. They were AMAZING live.