Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today is not my birthday. Again.

I don't have any cake, or any candles for that matter, with which to repeat the Flaming Lamington Fortress of last year, so I've made do with a couple of bits of bread and nutella.

Nom nom nom.

I'm split 50/50 on whether or not to acknowledge the date. Keeping mum is an admission that events some eleven years ago still affect me, and remarking on it here is the same, only public. But, well, any excuse to eat nutella, I say. Which is the whole motivation behind the exercise.


  1. Happy Not-Birthday.

    You know, looking at your Nutella-smeared bread, I'm tempted to make a Coogee Bay Hotel joke. But I'm polite, so I won't. :)

  2. It isn't your birthday, so I'm not leaving you happy happies and depositing a 7lb crawdad in your toilet.


  3. It's near enough to Halloween. Have a fantasy pumpkin!

  4. Happy un-birthday!

    I should have one of those. They sound fun.

    Much better than how my real birthday usually turns out.

  5. Thank you kindly, Mister Macrae.

    Chris, that's so not cool, heh. Especially as that's a bad photo and looks very pooey.

    Also very kind of you, Jaime, 'cause that would be unusually cruel for the crawdad. (Note to self: clean toilet.)

    Am loving the Death Star pumpkin, Kirsten. Nom!

    You got that right, Selena. Although I failed to make this not-birthday particularly interesting this year. Oh well!