Monday, October 06, 2008

My kettle has become some sort of ants' graveyard. It's where they go to die. Horribly. I don't really get why they aren't going for bread crumbs or checking out the water in the sink. Possibly because such activities aren't lethal.

Whatever. I drink the water that killed them anyway.


  1. Anonymous7/10/08 21:18

    Ants die in our kettle, too (well, they die when we boil the water). Then you get a stream of dead ants going into your morning coffee, like a piquant garnish.

  2. Yeah, I'm getting that with the first cup every day. It doesn't bother me, I'm just perplexed by it. Ants don't go anywhere else in the kitchen at all.

  3. Anonymous9/10/08 00:08

    On topic: my mum swears by bay leaves as a way to get rid of ants. Put them across the ants' trails and apparently they give up pretty quick.

    Off topic: I had a bizarre dream last night that you were working at Channel 9 when Eddie McGuire quit as CEO, and that you'd uploaded a single page to the Channel 9 website that consisted only of:

    "Not everyone at Channel 9 is terribly upset at Eddie's disappearance.

    "Posted by: tessa"

    You made the 6 o'clock news. ; )


  4. That's the thing though, there isn't an ant trail. There are absolutely no ants in the kitchen.

    Except for my kettle.

    dunno lol

    That dream is trés amusing, heh. In real life, I was so not terribly upset I didn't even notice he'd done so.

  5. I dreamed about you last night, too. You had a really odd new haircut, like an 80s hair band rocker, with short bits here and there that looked hacked off with a razor. I don't think you were terribly pleased with it.

  6. Okay, that's weird. I did have a haircut yesterday. The same haircut I get every time, but I'm never that pleased with it when it's fresh. It's best when it's a bit grown out and scruffy.

    Do your dreams tell you other things you don't know but are true?