Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Boo. Muthafucker."

Every week (or so) I do the dishes. Living alone and eating most meals at work doesn't generate dishes fast enough to warrant any further water usage. They get washed when either a) I run out of clean mugs, or b) I run out of space to stack the dirty mugs.

Total washed tonight: 21 assorted mugs and glasses, 3 be-sandwiched knives, 2 small tupperware containers for taking nuts to work, and the chopping board.

I dunno, that just seems sad. BUT I AM NOT ASHAMED.

Making a mug dirty right now.

One of the instant selling points about this flat was the bedroom window. It's huge. The view isn't of note, being other peoples' back yards and the rear of the shopping strip, but after the absolute desert wasteland view of my city apartment, it this window is like a magic window. I can actually see stuff out of it!

More than anything else, I can see the sky. The sky is huge, bigger than any other window I've had. My old bedroom window was sizable, but blocked when they built the units next door. The windows in Canberra were likewise cramped, or full of trees (not complaining about the trees, mind you).

If I have an evening at home, I can't not sit with the curtains open and the lights and computer off. I get myself a drink, turn some music on and watch the sky after the sun has set. Twilight is a strange time, full of shy colours and timid shades, all hiding themselves away. What starts as a silhouette against the fading light becomes lit up against the night. Once the stars are out, I wish on them, and then go back to work.

No, I don't need a TV.


  1. I, on the other hand live alone (aside from those roommates I never see) but do dishes after almost every meal. That's what I get for only bringing one of each thing with me. I can't eat again unless I clean up what I used last time. Sucks because sometimes I just don't want to wash things right away.

  2. This is a good thing, girly. It indicates that a) you're probably eating properly, and b) your country is not drought stricken.

    But I understand the not wanting to wash things right away.