Friday, July 28, 2006

two shirt sleeves waving as we go by

Got Dinosaur?

Everybody, this is Morris. Morris, this is everybody. Morris will be accompanying me on my travels, acting as stand in for a garden gnome as a projection of myself. Being as I'm going to be the one taking the picture 90% of the time, Morris will be my stage double. You can see the likeness, yes?

This is it, kids. I have packed for the last time, and remove enough stuff that I might need, but will make do without, that there is now space to spare. Most excellent.

I don't know how much internet access there is in the mountains (not much, methinks), and even whilst in civilsation, I'm not going to put a lot of priority on sitting in front of a computer. I'll check in when I can though. If for any reason you need to contact me, use the email address on the right there. I'll check it at some stage. Those of you who might need my number, have my number. Let's hope it works. (Miiru, you've already given me yours. Twit. :P)

I'd take a photo and blow you all a big sloppy kiss, except I'm busting out a coldsore. Yes. I KNOW.

I'm flying out tomorrow at noon. Don't break the world while I'm gone.

<3 Sir Tessa

Hey, you've reached Sir Tessa's journal, not Sir Tessa herself. She can't come to the internets right now, so please leave a message after the yo. Byeeee!



  1. Anonymous28/7/06 11:04

    I did?

    I did.

    I *am* a twit. -.-

    Sorry, it's ~checks~ seven am and I haven't been to bed yet. Sleep-dep is better than crack, and it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Anonymous28/7/06 11:07

    Also, Morris is made of awesome. I demand a pic with him in Anaheim. :D

  3. Anonymous28/7/06 11:45

    Morris is a terrific stunt double. But why do you insist on feeling further away every time I come to Melbourne. last time was only night shift. I hate to think where you will run to next visit.

    Have a fabulous time.

  4. Miiru, go to bed. Lest I call you 'twit' a second time.

    Gillian - it's one of those universal laws that people visit Melbourne while I'm not in it. :T Most vexing.

  5. Anonymous28/7/06 14:12

    Have fun. :)

  6. Anonymous28/7/06 16:16

    Have a great time! And give my regards to Sunset Boulevard.

  7. Anonymous28/7/06 20:38

    I went to bed. I had vampire dreams. It was good. (I will not share my vampire dreams as I know you do not like them.)

    Good travelling, you. :) I shall be thinking about you while there is flightness occurring. Be safe.

  8. Anonymous28/7/06 23:44

    bon voyage. have a good trip. Kidnap some muses, finish your stories ;)

    Morris is a a great stunt double, I see resemblence, although, the scaley disposition could be improved with some moisturising cream of sorts...hopefully

  9. Have fun!
    Don't drop Morris down a ravine or something ;)

  10. Anonymous31/7/06 08:53

    see you sooooooon!

  11. Gods. Just as I finally get back on line you take off into some blue yonder.

    Have fun!

    xx Still here, not dead. :-)

  12. On another note, my son came home with that exact same dinosaur on Friday.

    He'd found it in the sandpit at school.

    Something you're not telling us?