Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hello, my freaky darlings.

I am home.



  1. Anonymous30/8/06 05:44

    Which one were you again?

    (Welcome back. :) )

  2. Anonymous30/8/06 06:14

    What a nifty hat.

    Glad you're home safe. *squish*

  3. Anonymous30/8/06 12:03

    *g* Hey, I know the state of being conveyed by that look.

    From the very few tales which I've read so far at smarch (far too short ones, all of them; we crave more so we can enjoy vicariously!), it sounds like you're likely to have had a good time. :) Looking forward to the full report.

  4. Anonymous30/8/06 21:43

    Glad you're home safe. ~snurgle~ Miss you already.

  5. Welcome home.

    From the pictures in your blogs above I can say with all honesty that you have been having a much better time then me.

    If nothing else, take solace in that lonely fact.