Wednesday, December 03, 2014


All the life hides in the rocks, but sometimes I like to swim out away from the liminal colonies into the heart of the bay, where what lies beneath that barrier between above and below is sparse and empty. Above that open land I float, surrounded by a shifting jade which has no depth, no perspective, simply colour that surrounds me. Below, the sand is pale and whorled with the fingerprint of the waves, the same waves that lift me up and away from this, suddenly, and drop me back down to watch plumes of sand take flight, dance, settle in pattern anew. Untethered and orphaned seaweed waltz languidly across these little valleys and mountains, and amongst them too are carried comb jellies, their grand ball gowns torn apart by the waves and trailing in tattered skirts behind them. Although lifeless, the water still ruffles the tiny cilia of the hems, and when the sun, bent by the shape of the water, falls upon them, they throw rainbows like secrets. To touch them is to wonder if this, perhaps, it what it is to touch a ghost. A school of tiny silver fish dart away from me, but I am motionless, without hunger, and they come back to circle within my shadow. They light up, bright, pure, when skeins of sunlight catch them, and it is like watching lightning, small and sweet.


  1. Find deep time street shark.

  2. Tessa, you have an incredible soul inside u for starting illridewithyou. this is the sort of humanity spirit we need to change & save the world. However, this is not what we (ex-muslims) will agree to. I believe you do not know enough about Islam to know the evil of it. By doing this, you are propagating that Islam is a normal religion, just like Christianity & Buddhism. This is where you are wrong. Your story about the Muslim woman who cried when you told her to put her veil back on? Do you know why she cried? It is because she is terrified, not so much from Aussie but from the brain-numbing Islam god – Allah, who will send those to disobeyed & disbelieve to hell-fire. She felt trapped in her own religion & if she succumbed to public pressure to un-veil, she is constantly thinking about how Allah will appear next & drag her to hell. This is what Islam made Muslim into. Her Muslim man is strict with her & would possibly hit her, scold her & divorce her if he know that she is not wearing the veil, to protect his honor. I know this because I was once that man, until I know enough about Islam & have the courage to leave it. Please do not encourage the public to continue to believe into this lie that Islam is a peaceful religion. You don’t know enough about it & I implore you to know more about it before continuing your quest for equal rights. Racism is rampant in Australia and it’s an issue but Islamophobic is a quest to reveal the true face of Islam to the world, who has been long deceived. Go to or for more info. Read into the history of Islam founder – Muhammad & what he did. Then you will understand why so many Muslims are inclined to wage the holy war.

  3. Isn't it lovely to birth words? And then you birth a hashtag lotus that blossom in the midst of shit. It was a beautiful thing :-)