Saturday, January 05, 2013

While looking at photos of sea pens...

Imagine having a life in which you never once knew what you looked like.
Imagine never knowing that you were beautiful.

Imagine not needing to be beautiful.

Imagine not having the concept of beauty at all.

Imagine how simple life would be.
Imagine how-

How could any of us exist without beauty?

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  1. "We argued on the subject of beauty. 'People have lost the sense of beauty,' Claudia said.

    'Beauty has to be constantly invented,' I said.

    'Beauty is always beauty; it's eternal.'

    'Beauty is born always from some conflict.'

    'What about the Greeks?'

    'Well, what about them?'

    'Beauty is civilization!'

    'And so...'


    We could have gone on like this all day and all night.

    'This park, this river...'

    This park, this river, I thought, can only be marginal, a consolation to us for the rest; ancient beauty is powerless against new ugliness."