Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Advice to Writers*

The showers in this hostel looked decent. Fair sized shower with good space in which to dry off and get changed, enough hooks to hang everything up and hot water that did not run out.

They are their own rooms, however. Not a cubicle door in a larger bathroom, but sealed up like broom closets. A door with no gap at the top or bottom.

And, as it turns out, no ceiling fan.

Once out of the shower and in the steam, I couldn't actually get enough air in, that's how dense the moisture was, having nowhere to go.

I also could not actually get dry. Within seconds of a towel scrub I'd be wet again, not damp, but wet.

Writers: always have a towel big enough to make a dash to your next safe haven.

* And by 'writers' I mean 'everyone'.


  1. I think that Douglas Adams had it right in Hitchhikers, always know where your towel is.

  2. He does not specify the size of the towel, however.