Friday, September 17, 2010

The Spam Perspective

Breaking my keyboard hiatus to share this.

The Watchmen of Captcha do a pretty good job of keeping the spambots out of the comments section here, while providing you kids with some fairly amusing strings of letters. As such, it was surprising to get home and find the place had been carpet bombed with spam comments smeared across the archives. By Jove, how had the annoying little bots got past my watchmen?


It wasn't the work of a bot. That's a person who sat and read what they were smearing spam on.

I like to think that I provided that poor benighted sod with a few minutes (24:19 exactly according to the stats) of amusement before they clicked on to drop their spammy blessings on another blog.

And to you, my readers both known and unknown, I say unto you that you may at times dislike your occupation, resent the time it takes from your life and feel that it is crushing your soul, but at least you can admit to it in public.


  1. Anonymous17/9/10 10:25


  2. DAVE (Jerk)18/9/10 21:36

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  3. You get the stragnest sort of luck of anyone I know.

  4. Good heavens.

    Viagra Online Cheap Viagra was repeated so often it sounds like the chorus of a song. Perhaps because "Cheap Viagra" scans like "That's Amore."

  5. I wonder what an online viagra could for me.

    Maybe my e-penis will grow several inches.

  6. The author Will Self was refused shelf space in WH Smith's because the cover on his homosexual novel 'Dorian' showed the image of a naked man; God forbid that the unsuspecting community should be knocked out of kilter by the miniscule sight of a penis on an artistic book sleeve. When it comes to graphic close-ups of engorged genitalia in my inbox, however, a dick advert everyday for life from a Viagra company I’ve never heard of is perfectly reasonable.

    (Extract from '18 Hour Wankathon' in my book '50% Rude')