Monday, May 31, 2010

Nihao! Tashi Delek! Namaste!

Dude. Running water? HOT running water? All the time?
Toilets? That are clean? And not pits? That are Western style? That I am not afraid to put my bum on?

Holy goats and caviar, Batman, I must be home.

This New World Order doesn't look all that different from the Old World Order, I must say. That's okay, I'm cool with that. Some creature comforts are certainly welcome right now. I haven't done laundry for more than two weeks, and I think I've only showered 30% of those two weeks as well. Still, I've seen Qomolongma aka Everest 3 times in 4 days.

How've you been?

(Shark Puppet would like it known not all of those finger puppets are staying with me. Some are presents. He wouldn't let me bring home a whole football club of puppets.)


  1. Welcome home!

    Not showering for ages is supposed to be good for the skin. Sort of a perpetual mud bath of the aromatic variety.

  2. Not showering wasn't as bad as it sounds. We weren't exactly sweating at any point, so it was just general ick as opposed to real grime and smell.

  3. Welcome back to the world of bum-friendly toilets. And, thanks for the postcard. :-)