Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Things We Forget

Two splendid people who live very far from me conspired to send this penguinous card to me. It landed on Friday, I opened the envelope, read the edit on the front and went, "...oh yeah!"

I'd totally forgotten that my Not Birthday was coming. I checked my diary, and discovered I hadn't written it in. I wonder if that was intentional? Maybe, at the beginning of the year when I was jotting down all the good and proper birthdays of awesome people, I looked at that particular date and decided that it didn't need marking.

Who knows. It worked, at any rate. I had forgotten. And now that I've remembered...I'm kinda proud of myself for forgetting. Somethings don't need to be held tightly all the time.

But. Well. You know. Any excuse for birthday celebrations, right? I've auto-scheduled this to post on the proper Not Birthday date, because on this day, I will be in Monterey Bay, at the aquarium, feeding sea otters (feeding brilliant animals seems to be a birthday thing of mine), and then I'll be heading up to the start of WFC, to see a whole lot of people who are most excellent and attend launches for a book I have a piece in and another couple of books I quite adore.

Pretty awesome day, no?

(I may have to take steps to ensure cake is present.)


  1. Aan gets all the credit; he just handed me the card and said hey want to sign this for Tessa's notbirthday?

    I sure am sad I don't get to see you at all this year. I didn't feel so bad about piking on WFC for Europe when I thought I was gonna come to Australia next fall. But Things Happened and I'll just have to come see you some other time, hopefully without losing any further precious bodily fluids in the process.

  2. You know fate conspires to throw us together as much as it conspires to keep us apart. ;p