Monday, September 14, 2009

what i mean when i say "i've had my insult for the night and i'm leaving."

I don't think I'm that easy to insult and/or offend, not on personal level. I could be wrong. I might just be fortunate in that the majority of people I interact with are not the sort of people who go around saying insulting and/or offensive things with a particularly personal bent. It is very easy to irritate me, frustrate and vex and annoy me, but offend?

I'm pretty sure I'm not often offended, because this weekend I found myself offended and it was a fairly novel experience.

So, for the record, when you say, "I hate you. I fucking hate you. Fuck you, and fuck your family. Yep. Fuck your whole family," you should know that you have completely and utterly failed at the friendly joking funny shittalk.

My initial reaction was to slap the person who said this. I managed to pull it back to being a playful slap. Just. I can't say I've ever really hit someone in my life, so I'm not entirely proud of this reaction, partly because such violence is petty and pointless, but mostly because I did in fact pull back and did not break his fucking nose.

This was followed by, "you're a bad person-" (which, admittedly, I get told a lot) "-you're evil. You're the root of all the evil and bad and wrong in the world. You're the cause of all genocide. All the genocide in the world is because of you." Which, after the "fuck your family," line, was icing on the cake.

This isn't the most offensive thing this person has said to me either.

Why's he still in my life?

I've finished my angry drunk fuming and had a good amount of hangover surly ranting. I'm spending no more time on the matter. It is noted here, for future reference.

And on the subject of shit-

Food that tastes better than it looks.

Looks like I dipped white bread in tar.
Tastes like mmmmmm, hot black sesame bao. Awesome stuff.


  1. Man, unfair. Nobody ever offends me directly enough to get smacked. It's always Oh, I am smiling through my teeth and saying something twisted and passive-aggressive that I will claim you just took the wrong way, or Oh, I am seven time zones and a whole lot of internet away and ha ha your arms are too short, or Oh, I am insane and wouldn't understand what I did wrong.

    Broken nose next time? For the rest of us?

  2. You can always say he's right about you being evil, and get on with the nose breaking.

  3. I'd rather not have the urge to break someone's nose triggered again, to be honest. Fuming takes a fair amount of energy.

  4. Anonymous15/9/09 13:00

    As someone who has punched people in the nose twice in my life, I can tell you I regret neither incident. It has an oddly chastening effect on the subject, since there's this odd thing that happens where they realize just how badly they've behaved, and also realize they've severely mistimed their apology. jv

  5. Anonymous15/9/09 19:31

    Yes, why IS he still in your life? I wonder about this all the time.....

  6. What the hell was the context, here? That seems a really strange thing to say.

    (I hit somebody once. He most assuredly deserved it, and everyone who saw it said so, but I still felt guilty for it.)

  7. *hugs*

    I think you are the root of all that is good and beautiful in the world, and the direct cause of all freedom from suffering and laughing babies and also that every time someone feels warm inside it is because of you.

  8. I was leaving his party, he was doing the oh-you're-going? guilt trip. Badly.

    Ben, you are a Gentleman Honey Bear, he who undoes passing insults. : ) (And your comment needs a comma. Not that I am opposed to saving people form laughing babies, heh.)